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Greetings, Citizens from G.Robin Smith. I present Chautauqua (1st person presentations) on Benjamin Franklin as fundraisers and educational programs around the Puget Sound (and beyond). This Blog (such an un-musical term) is to try out the medium and to leave (if I stay with it) an account of how the performances go, since they are beginning to take off, it seems. anon, G.Robin.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NorWesCon and Big Climb

Well, it isn't easy to get to this as I hoped. But needs to be
attended to. It's all writing.
So, hurried and harried. Please enjoy the Blogal (Blog and Global)
Thinking Express

Finished with the Big Climb for this year. Figures seemed to be solid.
I am in #2 place by about 25$. I hope to work what I call a Franklin
Triangle for next year and bring in much more. The Awards Dinner is
on April 27. Cym will be my date!!!:--) Cool:-)
Craig and Jessica (went with me to the Whidbey Island performance) are
interested in helping with the BF performances and with the Big Climb
next year. Raised just over $3,200 this year. Next year basic goal

Whidbey Island performance, thought maybe 6 would show up, had over 30
I think:-) So am happy. The Caretaker was very pleased with how we
left the hall. Have a sponsored gig at Snohomish Library on April 25,
inviting bunches of folks to it. Yayy, Friends of the Snohomish
Library. Dropping off a big poster tonight to them (thank you Cym)

Attended NorWesCon over Easter Weekend. Blast as always. Sold TWO
pieces of Art:-) One to someone I didn't even know. Bought a Matt
Cutting system from Shaughnessey. Have HUGE notes for 2007 and ways
to improve my panels. Plan on helping with Art Show on Sunday and
spend the night Sun as well. Very inspired to write more. Trying
brief Story Intros, feel good about them. Reading 3rd Edition of
"Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" I've had access to this
book for years and it is hitting me hard with great ideas and
inspiration. I will be drawing soon more to the way I want:-) This is
incredibly cool:-)

Applied to FoolsCapCon.

Too many notes to play right now. Will attend anon, Best, Robin.


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