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Greetings, Citizens from G.Robin Smith. I present Chautauqua (1st person presentations) on Benjamin Franklin as fundraisers and educational programs around the Puget Sound (and beyond). This Blog (such an un-musical term) is to try out the medium and to leave (if I stay with it) an account of how the performances go, since they are beginning to take off, it seems. anon, G.Robin.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Progress and the US Post Office

Sunday, Feb 19, did some training in my martial art to keep fit (Ben was a big fitness fan, he swam, rode horse, lifted weights.) We think of him as an old, fat, bald man, but remember, he was a lusty, physical man for most of his life as well. Prepared mailings of our brochure to local venues (community colleges and theatres) as ones in Albany Oregon (one of my home towns). Time to let the publicity work for its keep.

Monday, Feb 20. Met with Rhizome about the design for the Ben Franklin Website (www.ben-franklin.org). Many good thoughts. Big change in my thought when one of the team said "this is not an educational site. It's a business site". What i do is educational, but the site is to drive business. New concept. Also, had a lunch meeting with William Hardwick (my sponsor). Brought him up to date. He continues happy with the publicity and community representation. I am the most fortunate of performers. I intend for his investment to be well returned in all my works.

Tuesday, Feb 21. Mailed off 24 brochures (mine and for The interactive History Company) to our DAR and Shoreline School District contact. She is distributing them to the entire Shoreline School District for us. What a great connection. Gave a tape of my presentation at Peninsula High School to a guy at work whose Mom (in Florida) is a big fan. Seeds planted:-)

Wednesday, Feb 22 (Geo. Washington's Birthday)
Mailed off the brochures to the many community colleges I mentioned before and a set to Connie Petty, newspaper goddess from the Albany Democrat Herald. Also, CD's of music to Verne (an occasional musical partner in performances) and Robert H. (long time friend, teacher (he arranged my first Ben Franklin work for his school) and musician. Attended and worked out at a Seattle fight practice.

More anon, Robin.


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