What would Ben Franklin do?

Greetings, Citizens from G.Robin Smith. I present Chautauqua (1st person presentations) on Benjamin Franklin as fundraisers and educational programs around the Puget Sound (and beyond). This Blog (such an un-musical term) is to try out the medium and to leave (if I stay with it) an account of how the performances go, since they are beginning to take off, it seems. anon, G.Robin.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting the word out.

Friday, Feb 17, 2006, big weekend ahead (well, a 3 day).

Great reviews (some glowing) from my presentation at the DAR function. Sent copies to my Web team for inclusion on the new pages.

Got word from a local PTA contact that a PTA Council is interested in our fliers to give out to their members at their next meeting, but cannot fit in an actual visit by me to explain the fundraising the show can provide. Is this a way to "put it in committee" so they do not have to deal with it?
"What would Franklin do?" He would, I feel, take it for what it is, an opportunity, and make the best of it. If they really wanted to not be bothered, they could have said "just send one brochure and we will copy it for anyone who wants one." They did not. I am sending 27 and should include a very nice introductory letter. And we will contact them afterwards about doing fundraisers for their schools. I rely on the brochure (by Rhizome Design www.rhizomedesign.com, one of my Sponsors). It is very appealing. It should open a few doors.
Monday we meet with Rhizome about designing the Web Site (currently at www.Ben-Franklin.org). The current site is designed by a friend and is very serviceable, but Rhizome convinced me that it would be best if there was a consistent "look" to the brochure, business cards, Web site, etc.
Also today, confirmed a gig (as Shakespeare) with two musical fellows I sometimes perform with; Mel and Monroe. A good place to sing "Rain it Raineth Every Day" (from 12th Night.)
Re-Reading Gordon S. Wood's "The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin" today. Not a broad biography (there are lots of those) but a very focused one on certain developments of BF's Character and Thinking. Very good stuff.
More anon, be well, G.Robin.


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