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Greetings, Citizens from G.Robin Smith. I present Chautauqua (1st person presentations) on Benjamin Franklin as fundraisers and educational programs around the Puget Sound (and beyond). This Blog (such an un-musical term) is to try out the medium and to leave (if I stay with it) an account of how the performances go, since they are beginning to take off, it seems. anon, G.Robin.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back from Texas

I went to Texas, in August, on purpose. Delightful. Met with so many fine, gracious, generous and interesting people. My artist's soul was floated on winds of eager listeners. My mortal soul was very well fed in every sense:-)

Flew in on Friday afternoon. Treated to food and local sights. Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth is great. Stock Yards. My host for the weekend is the perfect example of a genteel lady of the South (West). Breakfast performance Sat, then afternoon performance at Hill College in Hillsboro nearby Cleburne (where I was staying). They have a wonderful museum, beautifully put together. We had to bring in extra chairs for the audience. And it was an off weekend for them.

Sat back and dinner. Sunday performance in Cleburne, delightful audience. Met with family of Host.
Connections possible for WA DC followed. Serendipity. Music as well. Quiet conversations at end of day.

Monday, farewells and Engraving tour in Ft Worth. Flew out and Tue at Home with own family. Hope to go back soon.

Blessed am I.